The Journee Begins

“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.” — Izaak Walto

Writing is my passion and how I express myself. My name is Janay and I’m a single mother of a beautiful baby boy! He’s 6 and he is my life! I am a domestic violence survivor and I fight Chrons disease everyday! When I was younger I wrote stories all the time, but after I turned 18 I stopped writing. Since then so much has happened and I found myself depressed. Writing is how I fought through my depression, and now I’m sharing my stories with you!

I intend to bed the Mary J Bilge of bloggers. Which I know may sound corny, but who other than Mary can use her voice to make you feel her pain. When Mary is sad we are sad when Mary is happy and in love we are happy and in love! I want my stories to make you love with me, love with me and cry with me. I want you to feel me through my words! Take a Journee with Jay ❤️

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