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  • Leave

    Last year I read an article about a young woman killed by her son’s father. Tonja Chadwick was a 20 year old mother, and aspiring nurse. She was shot in the head by her boyfriend wrapped in blankets and buried under a pile of leaves. Reading this story, and seeing it all over the news […]

  • Check Ups

    “As a general rule all woman should have a pelvic exam, and a women’s wellness exam once per year” Unknown “I don’t know if I’m hitting something, or what but you bleed sometimes” is all I heard him say, before I started panicking. With those words my life flashed before my eyes. I know it’s […]

  • Enough is Enough

    Jhavier made me hot dogs and eggs smothered in ketchup for breakfast.  I was pregnant and concerned about eating healthy that I didn’t want hot dogs, I really don’t like eggs and I hate when people pour condiments all over my food. “I wanted to do something nice for you. I don’t know how things […]

  • PETA

    Love doesn’t hurt you. A person that doesn’t know how to love you hurts you – Tony Gaskins Jr Two weeks passed since I found out Jhavier the father of my unborn child and my boyfriend was soliciting sex online. We still lived together, and I tried to move passed our first disastrous incident with […]

  • Mind Games

    Mind Games “The bravest thing I’ve ever done is continuing to live when I wanted to die” ~ JULIETTE LEWIS I sat on the couch watching television with my best friend, her boyfriend and his best friend. Everyone was laughing and discussing the show’s shenanigans and how reality tv was so unrealistic. All of a […]

  • The Journee Begins

    “Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.” — Izaak Walto Writing is my passion and how I express myself. My name is Janay and I’m a single mother of a beautiful baby boy! He’s 6 and he is my life! I am a domestic violence survivor and I fight Chrons disease everyday! […]

  • Addicted

    “In people predisposed to anxiety disorders, caffeine can trigger a spiral of sensations–sweaty palms, pounding heart, ringing in the ears–that leads to a full blown panic attack” Unknown I was researching panic attack triggers to find out why I was having such frequent panic attacks. I almost cried when I read caffeine could trigger or make […]

  • Craigslist

    Abuse is not love. Abuse is about control Domestic Violence Survivor Jhavier was my boyfriend and we were together for two years, and we lived together. I was almost three months pregnant at the time. I sat at my laptop computer going through my emails when I came across an email from Craigslist. I opened […]

  • Unplugged

    Sometimes, you need to step outside, get some air and remind yourself who you are and who you want to be.. -Unknown As I sent at my desk of my regular 9-5 I started thinking to myself Janay you should be happy.  “Why should I be happy” I asked myself. “Because your not homeless. Your […]