Flawless Skin Daily Face Cleanser


*Ideal for oily and acne prone skin

*Antibacterial & Anti-Inflammatory

*Clears acne marks, and dark spots

*Promotes Even Skin

*Firms and tones Skin

*Fragrance Free



Flawless Skin Daily Face Cleanser
Rosehips Liquid African Black Soap

This daily facial cleanser is  all natural and made by hand with love and organic ingredients. Use daily to have flawless blemish free skin. Proven to lighten dark marks and acne marks. Proven to hydrate skin  and promote youthful skin.

*Vegan and Never Tested on Animals

*Handmade with all natural organic ingredients

*Helps Remove Fine Lines and Wrinkles

*Promotes Youthful Skin

*Eliminates Dark Marks and Acne Marks

*Reduces Razor Bumps

How to Use:: Wet face and neck. Then gently massage  into  face for at least 60 seconds up to 120 seconds. Remove with warm and immediately follow up with my Irish Seea Moss Body Butter.

Ingredients: water, plantain skin, coco pods, palm tree leaves, shea tree bark, rosehips, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil


***For Best Results Use Daily


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