Serenity Bracelet


Serenity Bracelet

  • Handmade
  • White Jade
  • Beautiful
  • Promotes Peace and Serenity

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Serenity Bracelet

This is a handmade bracelet that will bring peace and harmony to the wearer. The bracelet is beautiful and elegant the perfect balance of style, grace and class. This is a must have.

  • Handcrafted with pure white jade: each crystal bead is pure, sustainably sourced, and polished to perfection. Finished with an elegant shell flower charm.
  • A natural attractor of serenity and calm thoughts: white jade mellows the emotions, calms the heart, and brings harmony to every moment. Its corresponding Chakra is the Crown Chakra.
Product Details:
Crystals: pure, sustainably sourced agate white jade
Bead size: 7.5mm
Length: adjustable from 6.3 – 7 inches (universal fit)


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