Turmeric & Raw Manukau Daily Face Cleanser



🌸 Organic & Handmade

🌸 Promotes Natural Radiant Skin

🌸Bring out your natural glow

🌸 No Harsh Chemicals or Synthetic Fragrances

🌸 Erases Dark Spots & Acne Marks

🌸 Eliminates Acne 

🌸 Gentle & Won’t Strip Your Skin

🌸 Made for people with sensitive skin

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Turmeric & Raw Manukau Daily Face Cleanser

Turmeric is skin gold. Used topically turmeric will aid in brightening your skin helping you to have a healthy natural glow.  Raw manuka honey is a natural exfoliant which eliminates dry dull skin and promotes healthy radiant skin. This handmade organic mixture of turmeric and honey will leave your skin hydrated, refreshed and glowing. This mixture is made with love, gentle on skin, and won’t strip your skin.


🌸 Helps to reduce Breaks-out

🌸 Lightens &  erases dark spots

🌸 Promotes Healthy Radiant Skin

🌸 Reduces  and eliminates Acne Scars and marks

🌸Gentle will not strip or dry out skin

🌸 Free of Paraben, formaldehyde.

🌸 Nourishing formula ideal for the most sensitive skin.

🌸 Naturally scented with a blend of essential oils that will help clear your complexion


Water, saponified coconut, turmeric, raw manuka honey, olive oil, essential oil

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